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One of our immediate goals was to start working on an identifiable brand-look. In our initial discussions we settled on a lighthearted, bold and humorous approach to the post-production.

A clear hook - We also started to work on improving the first minute or so of the videos by incorporating a more clear hook.
A more consistent branding approach - We worked on various things like title screens, more consistent texts. Humorous inserts & memes where the content felt too slow etc.

As seen in the images below.

Colors & color schemes - Making sure every visual fit the branding aesthetic for the channel. We eventually landed on various shades of light blue, white, black and dark blue for most graphic elements.

Analytics - Constantly revising the flow of the editing to make the videos feel more fun and playful and create a more immersive experience for the viewer, whilst educating them as well.

We worked on developing a catalog of background music that suited the channel. The overall aesthetic visually was quite playful, upbeat and fun so we tried to match that with upbeat, exciting and playful background music and sound design.
Continuously re-looking at different aspects of the post-production process and improving the brand and the flow of the video through every video.


In August 2020 we were approached by Thrive Dental to work on building their channel audience. Nathan wanted to work on creating higher quality content, grow the audience and create informative, helpful and educational dental & health related content. A major focus for the channel was to drive people to their offices located in various venues throughout Dallas, Texas.

The goal for the partnership was to generate business, however the channel - although educationally-focused more so than entertainment- ended up growing quite significantly.


Yes, that was once Tom Cruise :)

640,000 Views Monthly

Engagement was up

Subscribers were up


From the start of the partnership in August 2020 through to early 2021 the results were slow, but there was consistent but gradual growth.

However from May 2021 the channel started to grow exponentially faster. The new content strategy, with better titles, better video flow and an overall much more engaging approach to the content seemed to be working, all this with a bit of good fortune in a short-form video of Nates going pretty viral, really helped to build momentum. Video views seemed to be going up, the month of July saw Thrive hitting 640,000 views monthly for the first time.

Many of the evergreen videos as well that were in the catalog were starting to take off. The videos consistently grew and as the audience expanded so did the viewership. From that momentum, the content was now reaching an audience of around 250-400K per month instead of an audience of between 15-40K views per month beforehand.


So the idea behind each video was to have them be evergreen. As in the videos could be something viewers could go back to and watch again, and just generally are videos that don't get old over time. However what we found was that many of the videos just wouldn't really be seen by the algorithm.

To combat this we worked on improving the video titling and thumbnails and making sure the videos were more engaging, especially in the first minute, as well as working with Nate on tightening up the video scripts and including a clear CTA to the next video at the end of the current one.

Over time this paid off, with several videos then going viral, as seen below.

At the start of our partnership videos were averaging about 300 views per video, now as can be seen below videos average between 2,000 and 10,000 views.

Our partnership started with the channel at around 400 subscribers, and since it's grown to just shy of 27,000 From the channel having views in the thousands through to over 6.5 million views since, the growth has been super significant.

Thus leaving for one very happy client...

“I’ve been working with John for the past few years, he knew we wanted to grow our channel by a lot and since joining he's helped grow our channel by millions of views. I’ve only got John to thank for that.
He’s very prompt, everything he does is super professional, very communicative and on-time. If you’re looking to make videos that really pop look no further,

John is your man!”

Thrive Dental

YouTube Content Creator

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