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Daily Drop

YouTube Content Creator

Travel Hacking Our Way To 150k Subscribers:

Daily Drop

In early 2023, "DailyDrop" embarked on a strategic collaboration with us to launch an ambitious journey from its roots within Kara and Nate's main channel. With the vision to become the ultimate guide in miles and points travel hacking, "DailyDrop" aimed to empower viewers with the knowledge to unlock life-changing travel experiences.


Starting from scratch, the channel sought not only to inform but also to entertain, incorporating a high production quality to the videos, as well as the humourous, fun and lighthearted storytelling that Kara and Nate's audience has come to know and love.


 With the launch of the Daily Drop channel, we faced the task of building a dedicated audience in the competitive travel hacking niche. We also wanted to ensure that Kara and Nates audience would feel at home in the world of Daily Drop. It was no easy task to get Kara and Nates audience to engage with the content we were creating, and find it worthwhile sticking around for. With the ambitious goal of making sophisticated travel hacking strategies accessible, we aimed to deliver content that was both educational and irresistibly engaging. 


Our strategy was comprehensive, addressing content enhancement, audience connection, and distinctive branding:

Enhancing Content Quality: Our journey into the essence of travel hacking involved meticulous post-production editing of a diverse range of videos. From the straightforward honesty of credit card reviews, such as our deep dive into the "Chase Sapphire Preferred," to the intricate detailing in guides like "The ULTIMATE 15-Day European Vacation Using Points," our editing process was tailored to enrich each video. We focused on sharpening the narrative, ensuring each frame delivered valuable, actionable insights that viewers could apply to their travel aspirations.

Boosting Audience Engagement: The cornerstone of our audience growth strategy was to leverage captivating topics coupled with our post-production prowess to elevate the content's appeal. We refined each video to be both informative and engaging, a balance that was notably achieved in features like "How We Paid $0 for this Maldives Overwater Villa," which attracted 90K views. This particular success story underscored our dedication to bringing the practical magic of travel hacking to life, demonstrating tangible applications of our advice through beautifully edited content.

Cultivating a Distinct Brand Identity: In the realm of travel hacking, where information is abundant, establishing a unique and recognizable brand identity for "DailyDrop" was paramount. Our post-production efforts extended beyond just editing for clarity and appeal; we meticulously curated the channel’s visual and narrative style to resonate with the travel hacking community. Through consistent messaging, cohesive visual branding, and a distinctive tone of voice, we sculpted "DailyDrop" into a beacon of travel hacking excellence. Our editing choices aimed to make each video unmistakably "DailyDrop" – a trusted source and advisor for both novice and seasoned travel hackers alike.

By focusing on these strategic pillars, we not only enhanced the quality of "DailyDrop's" content through our editing expertise but also fostered a deeper connection with the audience, setting a solid foundation for the channel's identity within the competitive landscape of travel content creators.




The impact of our partnership was immediate:

  • Rapid Subscriber Growth: "DailyDrop" saw an explosive increase in subscribers, growing to 152K in a remarkably short period. This growth was a testament to the channel's quality content and strategic content marketing.

  • Viewership Success: Videos such as "Our Highest Rated Business Class Yet?! | Virgin Atlantic Upper Class" reached up to 297K views, with the channel's content consistently engaging a wide audience. The exceptional viewership of "We Flew in the World's WEIRDEST Business Class | Air New Zealand," which hit 560K views, underscored the content's appeal.

  • Engagement Uplift: Engagement metrics surged across the board, with an engaged and fast-growing community, the channel continues to expand on the 5m+ views it's garnered thus far.



Our journey with Daily Drop thus far has been awesome. From its inception as a vision to revolutionize travel hacking on YouTube, the channel has achieved its goal of educating and inspiring viewers.


We've thoroughly enjoyed working with them on producing some really high quality content, taking their idea and turning it into a reality, and a reality that's now connected with more than 150,000 people

Some thoughts from Brendan...

“I've been working with JHagueMedia for about two years, and it's been an incredible journey. Initially, I was just looking for someone to match my editing style, but what I found in John and his team was something far better. Their work not only elevated our content to the next level but also showed me that there are people who can edit much better than I ever could. 


They've been incredibly flexible, always open to trying new things, which has been a game-changer for us. Thanks to them, we've been able to explore new opportunities and even launch a new channel that's seen rapid growth. Everyone at JHagueMedia is a true professional; they're not only dedicated to their work but also genuinely fun to work with. I can't recommend them enough and am excited to continue our partnership for many years to come." 

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