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YouTube Content Creator


In May 2021, TinySeed selected us to spearhead audience development for their subsidiary, MicroConf, a burgeoning channel in the SaaS/Founders niche.


Initially, MicroConf's engagement numbers presented a canvas of untapped potential, with monthly views floating between 10,000 to 25,000 and videos occasionally reaching up to 4,000 views. Our shared vision was multifaceted: to elevate these figures substantially while embedding the channel with an unmistakable style that viewers could instantly recognize as uniquely MicroConf.

Faced with the challenge, we set out not merely to increase numbers but to redefine the essence of MicroConf’s content. This was a venture beyond boosting metrics—it was about creating a signature production quality that would both retain the channel's core identity and appeal to a broader audience.

At the time, MicroConf was navigating modest monthly views ranging from 10,000 to 25,000, with individual videos peaking at around 4,000 views. Our collaborative ambition was not just to augment these numbers but to imbue the channel with a distinctive production style that immediately signaled a MicroConf creation to viewers.


To catalyze MicroConf’s growth and bolster its footprint within the vibrant SaaS/Founders ecosystem, we deployed a multifaceted strategy designed to elevate the channel's content and community engagement.

Our approach was twofold, focusing on both the aesthetic and operational facets of content creation.

Developing a Unique Production Style: Our primary objective was to overhaul the visual presentation of MicroConf’s content. By enhancing the editing process, we sought to imbue each video with a signature style that was immediately identifiable as MicroConf.


This involved a meticulous refinement of visual elements to ensure they not only captured the essence of the MicroConf brand but also elevated the viewer's experience from the very first second.

Consistency in Posting: A cornerstone of our strategy was to establish a rhythm of regular content delivery that aligned with MicroConf's ambitions. Recognizing the importance of consistency in building audience loyalty and algorithmic favorability, we committed to a structured posting schedule. This schedule was carefully designed to optimize engagement without compromising the integrity and quality that were hallmarks of the MicroConf brand.


Every video released under this new regime was a reflection of MicroConf's dedication to providing value, wrapped in a package of superior production quality.

Through these strategic pillars, we aimed not just to meet the immediate goals set forth by MicroConf but to lay a sustainable foundation for continuous growth and engagement. By marrying a unique production style with consistent posting, we set the stage for MicroConf to not only captivate its existing audience but also to attract new viewers and solidify its position as a leader in the SaaS/Founders niche.




The impact of our partnership was immediate and profound:

  • Viewership: From an initial average of under 20,000 views, we saw a dramatic rise to 75,000 views in just the first month. Our pioneering video under this new strategy captivated over 45,000 viewers, with our most popular video hitting an impressive 125,000 views.

  • Subscriber Growth: The channel experienced a meteoric rise from 8,000 to 13,000 subscribers within a month—a significant leap from the previous incremental growth.

  • Long-term Success: Over the course of our partnership, MicroConf's channel has shown exponential growth, skyrocketing from 75,000 monthly views at the outset to nearing 300,000 views eleven months in. The subscriber count has soared to over 75,000, putting the channel on a clear path to surpassing 100,000 subscribers before the end of 2024.



In beginning our partnership, we pinpointed two primary objectives:


  • Surge viewer engagement significantly.

  • Forge a unique, instantly recognizable editing style for the channel.

We encountered a dual challenge that tested our creative and strategic prowess. The first hurdle was to elevate viewer engagement significantly.


MicroConf’s content was already valuable, but we needed to unlock a new level of interaction that would turn viewers into active participants of the channel's growing community.

Simultaneously, developing a distinctive editing style that would make MicroConf's videos immediately recognizable became our second focal point.


This wasn’t merely about aesthetic appeal; it was about embedding the channel's identity into its visual narrative, ensuring that each video unmistakably belonged to MicroConf yet stood out in the crowded SaaS and Founders niche.

Balancing these ambitions with the necessity for brand consistency and the aspiration for innovative content presentation proved challenging. We aimed to avoid the pitfalls of long-term audience fatigue by continually refreshing our approach without straying from the core elements that defined the MicroConf brand.

Moreover, crafting a regular posting schedule that maintained the channel’s high production values was pivotal. Consistency in posting was essential for growth, but not at the expense of the quality that viewers had come to expect from MicroConf. This balancing act of creativity, scheduling, and quality control was instrumental in navigating the complex landscape of YouTube content creation.

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