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Thrive Dental

YouTube Content Creator


The initial phase of our partnership was characterized by slow yet steady progress, mirroring the meticulous nature of nurturing a specialized health channel.


However, the tide began to turn in May 2021. A strategic overhaul encompassing enhanced video titles, improved content flow, and a more captivating presentation style began to resonate more with viewers.


A particularly engaging short-form video by Nathan caught the algorithm's favor, catapulting the channel's visibility and setting the stage for exponential growth. By July, Thrive Dental celebrated a milestone of 640,000 monthly views, a testament to the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts.

FROM 400 TO 50,000: The Thrive Story

In August 2020, Thrive Dental embarked on a mission with us to revamp their YouTube channel. Nathan, the visionary behind Thrive Dental, sought to elevate the quality of their content, expand their audience reach, and provide valuable dental and health-related information.


Central to their strategy was leveraging the channel to direct potential clients to their various locations in Dallas, ultimately driving business growth. Surprisingly, while the channel was intended to serve educational purposes primarily, it's witnessed remarkable growth, transforming from a modest 400 subscribers to an impressive 50,000+ subscriber base.

640,000 Views Monthly

Engagement was up

Subscribers were up


The evolution from an average of 300 views per video at the onset of our partnership to a range of 2,000 to 10,000 views per video underscored the dramatic transformation we had achieved together.


From a humble beginning of 400 subscribers, Thrive Dental's channel has burgeoned to nearly 50,000 subscribers, amassing over 19 million views in total.


This journey from obscurity to prominence in the health and dental care niche on YouTube not only highlights the channel's significant growth but also underscores the power of targeted content strategy and the impact of our partnership.

Strategy and Solution

Our strategy hinged on the production of evergreen content, ensuring that each video remained relevant and valuable over time.


Despite our initial struggles with algorithm visibility, we refined our approach to video titling, thumbnails, and the overall engagement factor of each piece of content.


Focused enhancements in the first minute of videos, script tightening, and the integration of clear calls-to-action significantly boosted our content's performance.


This meticulous attention to detail laid the groundwork for several videos to achieve viral status, marking a pivotal moment in the channel's trajectory.

At the start of our partnership videos were averaging about 300 views per video, now as can be seen below videos average between 2,000 and 10,000 views.

Our partnership started with the channel at around 400 subscribers, and since it's grown to over 50,000. From the channel having views in the thousands through to over 18 million views since, the growth has been super significant.

Some feedback from Nate... 

“I’ve been working with John for the past few years, he knew we wanted to grow our channel by a lot and since joining he's helped grow our channel by millions of views. I’ve only got John to thank for that.
He’s very prompt, everything he does is super professional, very communicative and on-time. If you’re looking to make videos that really pop look no further,

John is your man!”

Thrive Dental

YouTube Content Creator

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