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In May 2021 we were approached by AEZ Media to work on building their channel audience, attempting to build the channel to 100K Subscribers before the end of 2021. The channel was averaging around 200,000 monthly views at the time, as you can see by the screenshot below. The majority of content was getting between 2 and 10 thousand views per video at the time.

A major goal of this partnership was developing an authentic and unique production style, the editing style was a big part of that. We wanted the viewers to be able to tell it was his video straight from the get-go.


AEZ Chanynel.png


Firstly, we needed to engage viewers much more. So our immediate focus was to increase audience retention and watch-time through a much greater focus on cutting out unnecessary information through both the scripting of the videos and in post-production.

Putting a much greater focus on the first minute of the video, making sure its very well edited, no dead space etc.

A more consistent branding approach, we worked on various things like title screens, more consistent texts. Humorous inserts & memes where the content felt too slow etc. As seen in the images below

Colors & color schemes were also a big focus, making sure every visual fit the branding aesthetic for the channel.

We worked on developing a catalogue of background music that suited the channel.


bg music andrew.png

Continuously re-looking at different aspects of the post-production process and improving the brand and the flow of the video through every video.

consistent graphics and editing.png
andrew title sequence.png
andrew icons and background.png
aez onscreen.png
andrew icons.png
andrew logo glitch transition.png
Andrew Graphics 1.png
andrew logo shape transition.png


One of the major challenges we faced in bringing this vision to life was figuring out how to really engage the audience in the content.

Viewers seem to immediately like the change in production, the higher-quality editing and more consistent branding was well received by viewers, yet there still  wasn’t enough consistency video-to-video..

Our approach had to evolve. The editing style continued to change and become more consistent and in line with the channels vision and vibe.




AEZ Channel.png

Over the course of 6 months, Andrews channel had an increase of over 400% in monthly viewership. Going from around 200K monthly views in May to over a million in October.

In just 6 months the channel had grown in every aspect. The viewers were enjoying the higher quality videos more, video viewership had grown tremendously. Videos were averaging much higher in views.

The channel had also grown the fastest it had ever grown over much less than a year-long period. From 60,000 subscribers through to over 105K, an increase of over 40%.



The Outcome?

  • Views were up

  • Engagement was up

  • Subscribers were up

  • Audience-feedback was up

  • Every Measurable metric was on

Leaving for one very happy client...

Andrew comments.png
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