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Our Focus

YouTube production, retention editing, etc

We are a boutique Creative Agency focused specifically on YouTube Production. We use the leading editing and data-driven principles to keep viewers hooked, engaged and coming back. We partner with you in every area of your video business to find out areas of improvement in order to increase:

Views Per Video
Audience Retention
CTR (Thumbnail
Average view-duration
and view percentage

We partner with you in bringing real results to your business using insights from intimately working with different creators in the space. We are crazy passionate about YouTube, and our focus is entirely oriented around growing your video business. 

With our focus on using data-driven insights to inform our editing decisions, we tailor every videos to your target audience's preferences, helping you stand out on YouTube and achieve your goals. 

Audience-focused, Data-driven, Top-quality video production.

Hi, we are JHagueMedia.

We are an agency committed to excellence.
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Dylan Sigley

YouTube Content Creator

Daily Stoic

YouTube Content Creator

Thrive Dental

YouTube Content Creator

Daniel Braun

YouTube Content Creator

Magnified Money

YouTube Content Creator

Aurelius T-jin

YouTube Content Creator

Adam Heist

YouTube Content Creator


YouTube Content Creator

We've worked with...

Our Content


“Get inspired by our quality creative work and see the impact we've had on our clients video businesses”


“Stay up-to-date with the latest video production trends and insights”


Discover how our cutting-edge video production service can elevate your brand and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

About me

Hey, my name is John and I’m passionate about film, business and YouTube! I'm also a follower of Jesus. Our guiding ethos is 1 Corinthians 10:31, "Whatever we do, whether we eat or drink, we should do it to the glory of God." I love being able to work in the YouTube space for a living, it's a huge blessing getting to be a part of the growth of our clients channels and businesses. It's long been a dream of mine to work in the YouTube space and it's a dream that's become a reality,  which I'm very grateful for.

Our Values

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