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Our Focus

 Hi, we're JHagueMedia...

YouTube production, retention editing, etc

We are a boutique Creative Agency focused specifically on YouTube Production. We use the leading editing and data-driven principles to keep viewers hooked, engaged and coming back. We partner with you in every area of your video business to find out areas of improvement in order to increase:

Views Per Video
Audience Retention
CTR (Thumbnail
Average view-duration
and view percentage

We partner with you in bringing real results to your business using insights from intimately working with different creators in the space. We are crazy passionate about YouTube, and our focus is entirely oriented around growing your video business. 

With our focus on using data-driven insights to inform our editing decisions, we tailor every videos to your target audience's preferences, helping you stand out on YouTube and achieve your goals. 

Audience-focused, Data-driven, Top-quality video production.

Dylan Sigley

YouTube Content Creator

Daily Stoic

YouTube Content Creator

Thrive Dental

YouTube Content Creator

Daniel Braun

YouTube Content Creator

Magnified Money

YouTube Content Creator

YouTube Content Creator


Adam Heist

YouTube Content Creator


YouTube Content Creator

We work with...

Our Content

You can check out our dedicated thumbnail design page here.


Get inspired by our quality creative work and see the impact we've had on our clients video businesses.


Meet the talented team that make what we do possible!


Discover how our cutting-edge video production service can elevate your brand and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

About Me

I started our Agency off the back of a crazy year in my life in 2020 when I had just come back from an 8-month stint in Central America working as a videographer and video editor for a travel creator. My ambitions before going overseas were to continue to climb up the ladder in the film world but during a dark time there during Covid I realized that I needed to take another look at the way I was living my life. That trip was also where I became a Christian, and this has since shaped our values as an agency.


On the personal side I would describe myself as pretty outdoorsy. Most of my hobbies involve getting out into nature. I'm big into hiking, playing soccer, spending time with friends, exploring and travelling as well. I'm also super passionate about business, film and YouTube and am often trying to find out how I can better make use of those interests in our business. As a pretty passionate Christian, I'm also interested in missions work, discipleship and theology.

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