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Our services are designed for content creators who want to take their social media presence to the next level. Whether you're a vlogger, a musician, or an influencer, we have the expertise and passion to help you create engaging and impactful video content that will captivate your audience and grow your following. From creating compelling thumbnails to editing your videos for maximum audience retention, we'll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your videos stand out from the crowd. So if you're ready to elevate your brand, grow your video business and make a lasting impact, look no further."

What you get when you work with us

Types of Content we work on

YouTube Algorithm Insights

Channel Guidance & Best Practices

 Video Ideation

CTR optimized Thumbnails



Design Services

Ready to innovate?

We design aesthetically beautiful products, brands and websites. Whether you are an ambitious start-up, or an established corporate, we work collaboratively to help you connect with your customers.


We create digital brands that connect with your customers, transforming business performance through strategic visual identity. Whether starting from scratch or wanting to develop your existing brand, we can help.

Promotional Ads

We static or animated promotional adverts to communicate your brand story to your customers.

Short-Form Content

Print Design

We provide custom, high-quality creative designs in the digital and print mediums. Enhance your consumer's experience through purposeful designs, that compliment your event, brand, or community.

Why work with us

We create high-quality video content that drives results for our clients. Our team leverages cutting-edge techniques, data-driven insights, and a focus on audience retention to create engaging videos that meet clients' unique needs and goals. We take a personalized approach and strive for excellence in every aspect of the process, from the initial meeting to the final product. We are dedicated to building long-term partnerships with our clients to ensure continued growth.

"I’ve been working with John for the past few years, he knew we wanted to grow our channel by a lot and since joining he's helped grow our channel by millions of views. I’ve only got John to thank for that. He’s very prompt, everything he does is super professional, very communicative and on-time. If you’re looking to make videos that really pop, look no further, John is your man!"

Nathan Coughlin

Owner, Thrive Dental & Orthodontics

"John was amazing to work with! John outlined the process / best practices for us to work together most efficiently. I got to work sending him the files. He understood my vision and created something that exceeded my expectations! My wife was blown away and the video will be in our family forever! He is truly an artist! I will use him for anything like this in the future."

Keaton Davenport

Executive Recruiter, Century Personnel

"He is very good at his job and would highly recommend him, John is excellent to work with: professional, co-operative, responsive, competent, creative! I saw his diverse portfolio and thought my contract may not have been in his bailiwick, but he proved otherwise. He is intuitive and has a good handle on what a client wants."

Brenda Yuyitung

Manager, CEM Benchmarking

Web Design

We design and build marketing and commerce sites that convert. Technology agnostic, we choose the right aesthetic for the right job and take your online presence to the next level.

Our Clients

Our Content

Dylan Sigley

YouTube Content Creator

Daily Stoic

YouTube Content Creator

Thrive Dental

YouTube Content Creator

Daniel Braun

YouTube Content Creator

Magnified Money

YouTube Content Creator

Aurelius T-jin

YouTube Content Creator

Adam Heist

YouTube Content Creator


YouTube Content Creator

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