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  • Our average video turnaround time is generally within one week of receiving the footage. So if we receive footage on a Monday, we aim to have the final video completed by Friday. Of course, this timeline can vary based on the duration and production quality of the video, but we'll give you an estimated turnaround time before we start the project.

  • Yes, the pricing does change based on the length and type of video. We take into account the specific requirements of each project, including length, production quality, and other factors to determine a fair and accurate quote. Request Services & Pricing doc for more info.

  • We currently only accept payment via PayPal. We'll send you an invoice for the agreed upon amount and you can easily pay using your PayPal account or credit/debit card.

  • We offer a one-month trial, after which you can choose from 6 or 12-month contract options. The trial period is an opportunity for us to work together and see if we're a good fit before committing to a longer-term partnership. 

  • We primarily use Slack for communication, we'll send you a direct invite to a private communication channel. We believe clear and constant communication is key to a successful partnership, and we'll keep you in the loop throughout the entire process.

  • After the one-month trial, we'll send you an agreement with the option to choose between a 6 or 12-month term. The contract outlines our terms and responsibilities, and will serve as a guide for our partnership moving forward. 

  • You can send us your footage through a Dropbox link we provide or by uploading it to a preferred platform of your choice, such as Google Drive or OneDrive. We'll provide you with the necessary instructions and make sure the transfer process is as smooth as possible.

  • Unfortunately, we can't offer video-to-video services. Contracts allow us to plan and predict, and working on an individual video basis would make it difficult for us to do so.

  • We use analytics to help improve our editing process. We look at individual video performance data, such as view duration, view percentage, and video views, as well as points where viewers tend to click away from the video. This allows us to make informed decisions about changes we can make to improve future videos.

  • Yes, this is a necessary step in helping us to provide you with the best possible performance on the content we work on.

  • A long-term partnership starts with a one-month trial, after which you can choose to sign a contract for a longer term. The trial allows us to work together and make sure we're a good fit, and the contract outlines the terms and responsibilities of our partnership moving forward.

  • No, we don't provide access to source files. We do give you pre-rendered assets like lower 3rds, backgrounds, transitions etc though. Our process and tools are designed to ensure the highest quality and consistency in every video we produce, and we prefer to keep control over the source files to maintain that level of quality.

  • Yes, we do work on Shorts, and we're well-equipped to help you create engaging, high-quality content for this platform. Our team has experience creating Shorts that capture the attention of your audience and keep them engaged. Whether you're looking to promote a product, share a story, or simply entertain your viewers, we'd love to be involved.

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  • You get a team from the get-go. Years of experience and a wide breadth of skills at JHagueMedia that you wouldn't be able to get with an individual. Minimal, professional onboarding and there are no pensions, PAYE, equipment costs, software costs, bonuses, sick days, holiday pay, or training costs with us. Just a reliable design in unreliable times. Still not sure of the benefits?

  • Yes, we create unique designs for you as per your needs. We request that 50% of the payment based on the contract needs to be paid before work is to begin.

  • PayPal details will be provided before the start of a project.

  • We will send you a slack invite where we will communicate for the entirety of the project.

  • Yes. We have a team that will design a website for you based on your specific needs

  • As an agency, we listen to our clients from the start. We encourage the client to bring in any samples, color combinations/swatches, and ideas they may have to help us get an idea of style before starting to work with the new clients. During the design process, the client is asked to approve certain colors and fonts before work continues. Once the design project is ready, we will submit a final proof for the customer's approval. At the conclusion of a project, the client may request for the artwork in various formats.

    • For Digital circulation JPG or PNG

    • For Print Media Print ready PDF

    • For Banner, Poster, Hoarding, etc. Hi-res JPG.

  • For a period of 3 months following your project, we keep your designs in an active archive in case you lose or damage your files or require follow-up work. After this period, we archive your files. For any retrieval at this point, you will have to pay extra.

  • Yes, we can design your full logo branding and complete stationary package. Visit our services page to see our design services.

  • No we don't, as we create custom-made designs as per the brief given by you. We work as per the package selected by you and provide the best unique options within the given scope of the project.

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  • Our approach includes the following:


    Understand the Content:

    Before starting the design process, we review/discuss the content or topic of the material we are creating the thumbnail for. We aim to know the main message and target audience to ensure your thumbnail aligns with the content.


    Gather Visual Assets:

    Collect relevant images, headshots, graphics, or screenshots that represent the content accurately. These assets are usually clear and of high quality.


    Choose a Headshot & Background:

    Start with a suitable headshot and background that complements the content and catches the viewer's attention. The Headshot could be, shocked, happy, confused, angry, etc, (Examples here) depending on the main message and what we are trying to portray in the thumbnail. The background could be a solid color, gradient, pattern, or an image that enhances the theme. 


    Create a Focal Point:

    Decide on a central focal point that draws attention to the thumbnail. This could be a captivating image, bold text, or a combination of both.


    Add Eye-Catching-Title:

    We incorporate a clear and concise title that explains the content and encourages viewers to click. Sometimes we won’t need to use a title as some of the best thumbnails use imagery as well as ‘mystery’ to draw in the viewer's attention.


    Use Contrasting Colors:

    Ensure the title and other important elements have enough contrast against the background to make them easily readable.


    Emphasize Branding:

    If applicable, include your brand logo, colors, or other brand elements to maintain consistency across your content.

    Balance & Composition:

    Arrange the elements in a balanced and visually pleasing manner. Follow principles of design such as rule of thirds, symmetry, or asymmetry to create a harmonious composition.


    Highlights & Shadows:

    This is where the design starts to come to life as we start to add highlights and shadows which creates depth, contrast, emphasis to the focal point, conveys texture, helps make elements pop and balances the composition.


    Consider Thumbnail's Thumbnail:

    Keep in mind that thumbnails are often displayed at smaller sizes before a viewer clicks on them. Make sure your design is still recognizable and enhanced at a smaller scale.


    Test & Iterate:

    Design multiple variations of the thumbnail if needed. Conduct A/B testing or seek feedback from others to determine which design resonates best with your audience.


    Review & Finalize:

    Double-check your design for any errors, typos, or inconsistencies. Make necessary adjustments and finalize the thumbnail.


    Save in the Appropriate Format:
    Save the thumbnail in the appropriate format (e.g., JPEG or PNG) and make sure the file size is suitable for quick loading.


    Monitor Performance:

    After using the thumbnail, monitor its performance (e.g., click-through rate, engagement) and be ready to make improvements if needed. Remember, the thumbnail's purpose is to entice viewers to click on your content, so it should be visually appealing, relevant, and representative of what the audience can expect. Regularly updating and improving your thumbnail designs can also help keep your content fresh and engaging.

  • Yes! We love it when you share your ideas and vision. It helps our designers create your thumbnail.

  • The number of thumbnail design concepts we provide for a video can vary based on your preferences, workflow, and the complexity of the content. However, here are some general guidelines:


    Single Design:

    We can create a single, strong thumbnail design for your video. This can simplify the decision-making process and maintain a consistent visual style across their channel.



    We also can create a few variations of a thumbnail design to test different elements. This could include experimenting with colors, text placement, or images to see which one performs better in terms of click-through rate.


    A/B Testing:

    For more extensive testing, we might create multiple thumbnail concepts and conduct A/B testing. This involves showing different thumbnails to different segments of their audience to analyze which one performs better in terms of engagement.


    Custom Thumbnails for Segments:

    We tailor your thumbnail designs to specific audience segments. For example, if a video appeals to multiple interests, we might create different thumbnails to attract different groups within their audience.

    Pricing varies based on your desires.

  • Yes we do! When creating thumbnails for mobile devices, we consider the following:


    Size and Resolution:

    Ensure that your thumbnails are appropriately sized for mobile screens. Mobile devices have smaller screens than desktops, so you'll want to create thumbnails that are clear and easy to see on smaller displays.



    Keep your thumbnails simple and avoid clutter. Mobile screens are limited in size, and too much detail can make thumbnails look messy and difficult to decipher.


    High Contrast and Visibility:

    Use high contrast to make your thumbnails stand out on smaller screens. Make sure the key elements are visible, even when the thumbnail is scaled down.


    Text Legibility:

    If your thumbnails include text, ensure that it is legible on small screens. Use clear and large fonts, and avoid using too much text.



    Test your thumbnails on different mobile devices to ensure they look good on various screen sizes and resolutions. This can help you identify any issues and make adjustments accordingly.


    Consistent Branding:

    Maintain consistency with your brand elements, colors, and style across all thumbnails, regardless of the platform. This helps users recognize your content.


    Mobile-Friendly Thumbnails:

    Consider the design principles specific to mobile platforms. Some elements that work well on desktop may not translate as effectively to
    mobile, so adapt your design accordingly.

  • Yes you can! We offer one free round of revision.

  • The time that it takes for us to design 1 Thumbnail can be 1-3 days depending on the concept and complexity of the thumbnail brief. We usually spend 2-5 hours per thumbnail so we can design about 2-4 Thumbnails per day.

  • Yes we do! It does come at an extra cost though which we will mention before the project commences.

  • Yes there is! Contact us here for a quote and we can get right back to you as soon as we can!

  • We like to send through the thumbnails in a PNG format as it is higher quality then JPEG images.


    The recommended resolution for YouTube thumbnails is 1280 x 720 pixels. This aspect ratio (16:9) matches the aspect ratio of most YouTube videos.


    File Size:

    Keep the file size under 2MB to ensure fast loading times.


    Color Mode:

    Use the RGB color mode, as YouTube displays thumbnails in this color mode.

  • Yes we do!

  • We have a great team of designers that can come up with a concept for your thumbnail but sharing a concept you have helps speed up the process.

  • No, unfortunately we dont offer refunds.

  • We currently only accept payment via PayPal. We'll send you an invoice for the agreed upon amount and you can easily pay using your PayPal account or credit/debit card. With regard to pricing structure, contact us here and we'll send your our services & pricing doc.

  • No, we don't provide access to source files. We will give you a PNG file of the final thumbnail.

  • Yes of Course! You can take a look here.

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